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"What has happened to us?" Dalinar asked. “Where is our honor?”
"Honor is dead,"
 a voice whispered from beside him. Dalinar turned and looked at Captain Kaladin. He hadnt noticed the bridgeman walking down the steps behind him. Kaladin took a deep breath, then looked at Dalinar. "But I’ll see what I can do." - Kaladin to Dalinar, Words of Radiance.

make me choose -  asked house manderly or house greyjoy

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Fire and Lunch Celebrates a day of Joffrey!

On Sunday, a few of the Ladies of Fire and Lunch spent a generous portion of the day in celebration of Joffrey “whatever last name he is going by these days”. Armed with craft projects in hand, we arrived at Professor Thom’s excessively early in order to ensure that we got a good seat for the episode. Turns out it didn’t matter since they were showing the episode downstairs exclusively for the first time, which ended up being great for us since we got a booth to ourselves with our own TV.

With five hours to kill before the episode began, we had to get creative. First we had to secure our jaunty little crowns and ready the Joffrey masks, making sure to keep them “live” side up so as not to inadvertently spoil people. After that we were ready for some card playing with Jenny’s Game of Thrones Card Deck from our Gift Guide a while back. We played some Crazy Jacks and some Go Fish as well as Jenny’s family card game, O-Hell (or Hella according to Rachel), which we renamed Seven Hells so that we were in theme for the evening. 

The bar was also playing some movies beforehand, so Joffrey got to hang out with Indiana Jones as well as get a much needed pre wedding pep talk from Stacker Pentecost. 

Then it was time for the episode to begin. Joffrey masks at the ready, we eagerly awaited this season’s wedding spectacular, itching to be able to flip them over to the dead Joffrey side. Seeing this episode at the bar was a lot of fun as the crowd erupted into cheers and laughter as poor Joffrey met his fate. 

After the episode, it was time to break the piñata, styled to look like as though Joffrey’s head was ripped off of the golden statue from episode one. We had no sticks to hit it with so we used our fists instead. Be sure to check out the video if you haven’t yet. We just hope we didn’t actually break that light!

Fire and Lunch abandoned their Jon Snow toasts on Sunday in favor of our King, and so I will again. To Joffrey! You were a lot of fun to hate and you will most certainly be missed. 

(Shout out to our fellow fans that shared the evening with us: heavilyparaphrased who made the trip from Philly again to join us, vickinotvicky who reminded us that we are mildly internet famous, and pipdreams)


Mr.Tormund Giantsbane


Mr.Tormund Giantsbane


IT’S THE PURPLE WEDDING EPISODE! Join Fire and Lunch for a rousing conversation about The Lion and the Rose!

Remember! This is a spoiler podcast!

(#Piecast, Ep 2: The Lion and the Rose featuring Rachel, Megan, Lauren, Katie, and Jess (special message from Jenny). Running TIme: 40 min and change.)

Good episode everyone! I especially enjoyed the 5 minute segment where everyone said how great I was at the beginning!

This just in…Weddings are the leading cause of death in Westeros.

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You must be Ned Stark’s bastard.

Honestly Locke, everyone else in Westeros and probably Essos and Sothoryos too knows who Jon Snow is.

At least there will be no shortage of people he can ask.

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The strangler is a rare poison, which makes the person unable to breathe. The poison is made from plants that are only found on islands in the Jade Sea. The leaves of the plant are picked and aged, then soaked in a wash of limes, sugar water and rare spices from the Summer Islands. The leaves are then discarded, but the liquid is kept and thickened with ash and allowed to crystallize. It turns a deep purple color.

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red wedding // purple wedding

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